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Insertion, in-line and portable models: MASS FLOWMETER FOR GAS

       This model is a Thermal Mass Flowmeter for gas measurement. Its measuring principle takes advantage of the fact that calorie amount taken away from the heated sensor by a fluid flow is correlated to the mass flow. It comes in three designs – retractable insertion, in-line, and portable type. The sensor inserted in the process line samples a representative flowrate across the line to infer the total flowrate.



Insertion type

In-line type Portable type
Nominal size 65mm and over 10 to 100mm 65mm and over
Flow range (depend on fluid kind and bore) 0 to 56500Nm3/h 0 to 1650Nm3/h 0 to 37600 Nm3/h
Connection rating JIS 10K, ANSI 150, 300 flange Screw-in
Screw-in -
Applicable fluid Air, nitrogen, natural gas, ammonia, helium, hydrogen etc. Air, nitrogen
Accuracy ± 2% of FS
Fluid temp. range - 40 to + 200°C (std.)
(High temp. model: max. 500°C)
(Explosionproof: - 20 to + 60°C)
- 40 to + 125°C (std.)
(Explosionproof: - 20 to + 60°C)
- 40 to + 200 (std.)
(High temp. model:
max. 500 °C)
Max. operating pressure 2 MPa 1 MPa
Material Sensor Alloy C276 (Hastelloy C276 equivalent) Alloy C276
Sensor support SUS316L or Alloy C276 (Hastelloy C276 equivalent) SUS316L
Configuration IP66, explosionproof Non-waterproof,
Output Flow analog, flow pulse, alarm Flow analog (option)

Applicable Fluid:


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