Flowmeters for Energy Saving

Inexpensive and super wide flow range: Hybrid Multi DELTA

       Cost-effective and dependable flowmeters that measure compressed air for energy saving from extremely small flows through to very large flows with low pressure loss are now available from OVAL.

       OVAL’s proprietary Karman vortex principle and thermal mass flow sensor combined, Hybrid Multi Delta Flowmeter can offer an exclusive wide flow range of 1: 700 (at 0.6MPa).

       While measuring in very wide ranges matches for ultrasonic flowmeters with low pressure loss, its price levels are reasonable with the built-in temp./pressure compensation function. OVAL strongly hopes to assist customers who want to reduce waste of compressed air thoroughly with the models.


Nominal size 25, 40, 50mm 65, 80, 100mm
Flow range (Nm3/h) at 0.6MP G 0.6 to 420 (25mm)
1.2 to 1000 (40mm)
1.8 to 1680 (50mm)
3 to 2520 (65mm)
3 to 3360 (80mm)
7.2 to 5880 (100mm)
Process connection Rc thread JIS 10K RF flange
Applicable fluid Compressed air and nitrogen
Accuracy ± 5% of RD ± 0.05% of max. flow rate
Operating temp. range 0 to 50°C
Operating pressure range 0 to 0.78MPa G
Material Aluminum Stainless steel
Configuration IP65, indoor use non-explosionproof
Output signal Flow pulse, flow analog, temp., pressure, alarm

Applicable Fluid:


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