Flowmeters for Energy Saving

Inexpensive model: Eggs DELTA series

Eggs DELTA is a compact, lightweight PPS-resin molded vortex flow monitor. It is Ideal for monitoring cleaning, cooling water, spa water, medical gas flow, or for consumption management of free-flowing fluid, such as factory air, at the end of the line.

Eggs DELTA Pulse is also a compact, lightweight, and competitively priced PPS-resin Karman vortex flow monitor. Best suited for process line management in a plant where a large number of flow monitors, for tool machines for example, are in operation. The models can contribute to energy savings in plants.

   1. Total flow and instantaneous flow rate can be monitored by switching over the external mode switch.
   2. Built-in battery (life length: 4 years with no output) models do not require external power source.
   3. Highly durable design with no moving parts, and no limitation of mounting orientation.
   4. Output signal (pulse or analog) models are optionally available for remote managements.

Typical applications:
   1. Consumed amount management of air and water at factory end facilities
   2. Replacement from rotor meters used in various facilities
   3. Consumed amount management of hot spa water


Product name Eggs DELTA Eggs DELTA Pulse
Type Standard Metal joint High temp. Standard High temp.
Nominal size 4, 8, 15, 25mm 8, 15mm 4, 8, 15, 25mm 8, 15mm
Connection Resin R thread, or NPT thread Metal Rc thread Metal Rc thread Resin R thread, or NPT thread Metal Rc thread
Applicable fluid
(Note 1)
Water, air, nitrogen Water Water, air, nitrogen Water
Flow range
Liquid 0.4 to 133 2 to 45 04 to 133 2 to 45
Gas 7.2 to 850 - 7.2 to 850 -
Accuracy ± 3% of FS
Operating temp. range -10 to 80°C -10 to 150°C -10 to 80°C -10 to 150°C
Max. operating pressure 0.98MPa
Material PPS resin Stainless PPS resin Stainless
Configuration Rain water proof (IP53 equivalent), non-explosionproof
Display Instantaneous flow rate, cumulative total No display
Power source Battery drive or external power source External power source
Output (Note 2) Flow pulse, flow analog, alarm Flow pulse
Note 1: Consult OVAL for fluids other than listed. However the models are not applicable to hazardous fluids such as of flammable, corrosive or toxic characteristics.
Note 2: Only external power source models output signal.

Applicable Fluid:


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