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Separating gas from flow: AIR ELIMINATOR

      An air eliminator separates and release the gas from the pipeline entrapped in the process fluid – often immediately after startup of the process flow or before shutdown – in the course of accepting, clearing or similar processes of petroleum products. Located upstream of the flowmeter, it provides the right conditions for accurate flow measurement.

Name of Products
CAT. No.
V-Torque Series CIA004E-1

Name of Products
GS. No.
Strainers Small Size Strainers 10,20mm GCB001E-7
Medium Size Strainers 25 to 250mm GCB002E-19
Large Size Strainers 150 to 400mm GCB003-7-E
Jacketed Type 25 to 200mm
Air Eliminator Low Pressure Service Air Eliminator for Loading Service GCC001E-9
for Unloading Service GCC002E-8
Non-Regulative Type for Loading Service
Comb. Air Eliminator/Strainer 25, 40, 50mm GCC006E-4
Comb. Air Eliminator/Strainer 80, 100, 150mm GCC007-4-E
Flow Straighteners
Flow Straightener FS, SP GCF001-8-E
Honey Vane S 25 to 300mm
Others VENT TANK VT500, 1000, 1500 GCC005E-5

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