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Pnematic valve actuator:V-Torque series

       An automatic valve actuator is a useful attachment that can be mounted on most types of existing manual valves located throughout a large tank yard. It converts the valve into automatic valve operated by remote control. A small, lightweight, high-efficiency air motor drives each valve. Remote control by means of optional communication is also feasible. Not only does this save manual labor, but also adds value as an emergency shutoff valve.


Product name


Applicable valve Top handle or side handle type
100 to 1250mm
Top handle type
80mm and smaller
Shutoff torque 60 to 250N.m 15 to 40N.m
Supply air pressure 0.34 to 0.69MPa 0.34 to 0.69MPa
Air consumption 680 to 1100NL/min.
Operating temp. range - 10 to + 60°C - 10 to + 60°C
Weight 29 to 33kg 8kg
Others 3 items (Filter, Reducing Valve and Oiler) are furnished as a set.
- NL/min.: L/min.(normal)
- Only catalog is available. Consult OVAL or your nearest sales agent for details.

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