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Netting solid matters in flow: STRAINER

      Located at the flowmeter inlet, a strainer traps solid contaminants suspended in the process fluid to safeguard the flowmeter. It is indispensable for proper operation of every flowmeter having some moving parts, such as the OVAL and UF-II flowmeters, or turbine meters.

Name of Products
CAT. No.
V-Torque Series CIA004E-1

Name of Products
GS. No.
Strainers Small Size Strainers 10,20mm GCB001E-7
Medium Size Strainers 25 to 250mm GCB002E-19
Large Size Strainers 150 to 400mm GCB003-7-E
Jacketed Type 25 to 200mm
Air Eliminator Low Pressure Service Air Eliminator for Loading Service GCC001E-9
for Unloading Service GCC002E-8
Non-Regulative Type for Loading Service
Comb. Air Eliminator/Strainer 25, 40, 50mm GCC006E-4
Comb. Air Eliminator/Strainer 80, 100, 150mm GCC007-4-E
Flow Straighteners
Flow Straightener FS, SP GCF001-8-E
Honey Vane S 25 to 300mm
Others VENT TANK VT500, 1000, 1500 GCC005E-5

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