Positive Displacement

No DP, high response and micro flow: Hi SHOT SERVO 1

       Applying our proprietary precision rotors, this flowmeter measures the process flow at a high degree of accuracy in wide flow ranges and high response as a servo mechanism continually controls the rotor rotation to maintain "zero differential pressure" across the inlet and outlet at all times.

      The model is ideal for measuring of injection quantity into engines, microflows at laboratories and test plants, or precisely controlled additives in very small quantities.


Flow range 010 030 060 100
Flow velocity range Max. 10L/h (planning) 0.1 to 30L/h 0.2 to 60L/h Max. 100L/h
Connection rating - Rc1/4 Rc/1/4 -
Applicable fluid Light oil (consult OVAL for gasoline or kerosene)
Reproducibility ± 0.1% of RD under temp. variation within ± 1°C
Repeatability 2σ = 0.04% (at 1/2 of full scale flowrate)
Fluid temp. range - 10 to + 80°C
Max. operating pressure 1MPa (30MPa model is in planning stage.)
Material SUS304
Configuration IP67, explosionproof or non-explosionproof
Output signal Pulse output

Applicable Fluid:


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