Positive Displacement

Small size for extreme low flows: Flowmate series

       An easy-to-use, small OVAL flowmeter.

       Used for monitoring the consumption of kerosene, automobile fuel, and lubricants by transmitting a pulse signal for remote counting.


Model 38 39 40 41 45
Nominal size R 1/4 Rc 1/4
(#300 net buit-in)
Flow range: L/h 0.09 to 3
0.12 to 6
(Viscosity: 0.8 to 5mPa.s)
0.5 to 50 1 to 100 2.5 to 500
(Viscosity: 5 to 1000mPa.s)
Accuracy ± 3% of RD
(0.18L/h and over)
± 10% of RD
(Less than 0.18L/h)
± 3% of RD
(0.3L/h and over)
± 8% of RD
(Less than 0.3L/h)
± 1% of RD
Operating temp. range -10 to +60°C -20 to +80°C
Max. operating pressure 0.3 MPa 0.49 MPa 0.98 MPa
Material Body PEEK resin Stainless steel Stainless steel or aluminum
Rotor PEEK resin PPS resin Sintered stainless steel or
special carbon
Output signal

Voltage pulse

Applicable Fluid:


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