Positive Displacement

Low vibration, no pulsation and low noise: UF-II

       Rotors of special spiral gear teeth provide for quiet rotation, low oscillation, and pulsation-free smooth uniform flow in these accurate positive displacement flowmeters. They enjoyed extensive use over the years primarily in shipping and accepting petroleum products. In response to the growing market demands in recent years, we began supplying ULTRA UF II series, equipped with an electronic register which originally used in ULTRA OVAL series, and Smart type ULTRA UF II, equipped with smart electronic register. It furnishes both pulse and analog output at the same time and offers efficient calibration with its high-speed pulses.


Model 80, 100mm 150 to 450mm
Process connection JIS 10K FF, RF JIS 10, 20K RF
ANSI 125 FF, 150 RF ANSI 150 RF
Flow range (light oil) 12 to 180m3/h 20 to 2800m3/h
Operating temp. range - 5 to + 120°C
Max. operating pressure 1.37MPa 1.96MPa
Accuracy ± 0.2% of reading

± 0.5% or ± 0.2%of reading

ULTRA OVAL register with batch controlling function, which is suitable for batch loading, clearing and liquid blending, is applicable to ULTRA UF II series also.

Applicable Fluid:

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