Multiphase Flow Meters

      The AGAR MPFM is a non-nuclear, versatile, three-phase flow meter designed for true field conditions. It provides accurate, real-time measurements of oil, water and gas flows simultaneously without separation of the phases. Specially designed for low maintenance and ease of operation, they require no field calibration or prior knowledge of fluid properties (such as fluid density and salinity) to attain the specified accuracies. The real-time data capabilities of these meters allow for optimization of all types of critical production enhancement techniques.

Advantages of the Agar MPFM-50 series:
■ Gas void fraction 0-100% ■ High and low viscosities
■ Water-cut 0-100% ■ No nuclear (radioactive) sources
■ Not affected by flow regimes ■ Compact, portable, and easy to transport and install
■ High accuracy, real-time flow measurement ■ Wet gas application

Application of Agar

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