Delta Flowmeter

High performance, Dia-shape bluff body and insertion type: EX DELTA

       DELTA FLOWMETER can be used for gas, liquid, or steam flow. The total absence of any moving parts, low pressure loss, ease of use, and long life use with outstanding repeatability - all these desirable characteristics make it well suited for calorific transaction control and many other applications. Of EX DELTA series, the smart type features self diagnostics and capabilities to review and change parameters, while EX DELTA-DIA is compatible with “dirty” processing full of contaminants; EX DELTA-SS saves space combined with a battery powered EX DELTA dedicated for the task of local monitoring.

      The sensor in each model essentially comes in two styles - the standard fixed sensor and the replaceable sensor which permits servicing without removing the meter from the pipeline. The VF series features a high-sensitivity sensor for gas service and the Flow Monitor, accommodated in a synthetic resin molded housing, is ideally suited for flow metering at the end use.


Standard Insertion DIA
Nominal size Wafer type
(fixed sensor)
10 to 150mm - 15 to 80mm
Flange type
(fixed sensor or replaceable)
50 to 300mm - 50, 80mm
- 200 to 2000mm (mounts on a 100mm flange) -
Liquid (water) 0.2* to 2510m3/h
(* marked: 10mm, accuracy ±2% FS)
72 to 67800m3/h 0.8 to 172m3/h
Gas (0.2MPa air) 0.2* to 15000m3/h
(* marked: 10mm, accuracy ±2% FS)
(10mm, not for battery drive models)
923 to 565000 m3/h -
Steam (0.5MPa saturated steam) 0.02 to 47.6t/h
(10mm not available)
3.06 to 1790t/h -
Operating temp. range - 30 to 300°C
Possible max.: 460°C with replaceable sensor for high temp.
- 10 to 300°C - 10 to 300°C
Possible max.: 420°C
with replaceable sensor, for high temp.
Lowest possible temp.: - 196°C (option)
Max. operating pressure 5MPa
(Depends on process connection rating)
(Depends on process connection rating)
(Depends on process connection rating)
Accuracy ± 1% of RD ± 2% of FS ± 1% of RD
Converter: Smart type Yes Yes  
Integral or separate for EX-DELTA Battery drive Yes Yes Yes

Applicable Fluid:

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