Turbine Flowmeter

High accuracy in wide viscosity range: EX TURBINE

       Our industrial turbine flowmeters are suitable for accurate flow measurement of petroleum, liquefied gas, water, and etc. Its high-speed pulse output facilitates efficient calibration and makes it an ideal tool in the accounting fields. Models for high velocity service can accept crude oil – hardly possible with conventional turbine flowmeters until today. Small in size yet large in flow capacity reduce space requirements, too.




General purpose
Nominal size (0.5MPa steam) 25mm 50, 80, 100mm
Flow range 15 to 200kg/h 79 to 8751kg/h
Max. operating temp. 220°C
Max. operating pressure 0.98MPa
Accuracy ± 2% of RD
Others Pulse generator for remote counting can be mounted.

Applicable Fluid:


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