Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Wide Range, Inexpensive and Low Pressure Loss Model: Mass Flow Monitor

       General Designed to accurately monitor and measure extreme low flows (10NL/min) of utility gases, such as air and nitrogen, a new flow monitor is available for energy saving conscious users. It is known that, over time, air leaks from air cylinders, pneumatic equipments, hose connections, etc. increase in the devices in service. This monitor accurately detects such air leaks, converts their quantity into equivalent currency in circulation, and displays it on the display to the operator to help cope efficiently with his energy saving programs. "Low price", which is essential to a small size flowmeter for monitoring and control in energy saving applications, has come true in this small unit.

      Feature 1. The model offers exceptionally wide flow ranges (10 to 600, 135 to 800 NL/min) and rangeability (1: 60) no other meter can match. Accurate detection capability that extends to extremely low flowrates makes it ideal for air leak monitoring and measurement. 2. Thanks to the thermal dispersion principle of operation to detect mass flow, it requires no corrections for temperature and pressure. It directly indicates an equivalent flowrate under normal operating conditions (at 0°C, 1 atm), meaning most cost effective. 3. Besides "total", "cumulative total" and "instantaneous flowrate (NL/min, Nm3/h)", the display shows "Yen equivalent", an ideal for utility flowrate from an energy saving point of view.


Model TF1015-P11G-11*A TF1020-P11G-11*A TF1025-A12G-11*A TF1040-A12G-11*A TF1050-A12G-11*A
Nominal 15mm 20mm 25mm 40mm 50mm
Rc 1/2
Rc 3/4
Rc 1
Rc 1•1/2
Rc 2
Fluid Compressed air, nitrogen
Flow range
10 to 600 15 to 800 35 to 2200 85 to 5000 135 to 8000
Fluid temp. 0 to 50 °C
Pressure range 0 to 0.78 MPa
Accuracy   Flow rate: 40% of FS or lower Flow rate: over 40% of FS
Reproducibility Within ± 0.8% of FS Within ± 2% of FS
Linearity Within ± 2% of FS Within ± 5% of FS
Materials PBT resin
(polybutylene terephtharate)
Aluminum (cutting work)
Pressure loss 10kPa max. (When flowing in max. flow rate at 0.3 MPa and over.)
Configuration IP65, indoor use,
IP65 or equivalent, indoor use,
Output signal Flow pulse, flow analog, alarm

Applicable Fluid:


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