Registers and Pulse Generators

Contact-Closure Pulse Genertors

       This pulse generator is designed to mount on an OVAL flowmeter. The flowmeter's rotor revolution proportional to the rate of flow is transmitted through a conversion gear train to a permanent magnet which in turn drives a reed switch, whereby a contact-closure pulse train proportional to the flow rate is generated. This pulse generator is used only factored pulse generation.


Model PG20 PG20EP
No. of Pulses per
One Pointer
1 P/rev. 10 P/rev. 1 P/rev. 10 P/rev.
Conversion Gear Ratio 1/2 5/1 1/2 5/1
Principle of Signal Generation Contact-closure pulses generated by a 
permanent-magnet driven reed switch
Operating Temp. Range - 20 °C - + 90 °C
Reed Switch Assy.
Test Volt. across Contact
-125 VAC, 50 VDC
Reed Switch Assy. 
Current Capacity
60 mA
Explosion-proof Construction --- Flame-proof
Explosion-proof Performance --- d2G4

Applicable Fluid:


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