Flow Calibration Systems


      Thanks to our pulse interpolation approach, the reference volume of this prover has drastically been minimized. The result is a substantial reduction in testing time. By volume, four models (reference volume: 10 to 240L, reference flow rate: 0.08 to 80……2 to 2,000m3/h) are available.


Flow range 0.08 to 80kL/h Nominal size 3B
0.27 to 270Kl/h Nominal size 6B
0.7 to 700kL/h Nominal size 8B
2 to 2000kL/h Nominal size 10B
Operating pressure 5.11MPa Max.
Operating temp. - 45 to + 120°C
Working principle Detection by a magnetic sensor (pulse interpolation method)
Test time 0.4s to 9min.
Compliance API Chapter 4, 12 ISO7278/3, 4
Applicable flowmeters

OVAL flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, OVAL Coriolis flowmeters (for liquid)

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