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Communication unit for smart series flowmeters: SMART COMMUNICATION UNIT

      When connected with OVAL Smart series flowmeters, this communication terminal allows the operator to do such tasks as setting up, changing, or adjusting parameters, or reviewing obtained measurements, locally or from a remote location.

      To this terminal, you may couple a personal computer operating on the Windows O. S. and the 4-20mADC signal transmission lines from the flowmeter. This setup enables display of multiple windows of the desired information on demand.


Interface Power source 9VDC
Display LED: Red; Receive/Transmit
Power (power source), LowBatt (battery voltage lowering)
(Displayed only when driving on battery)
Connector 25pin D-sub connector
In/out put Bell202 — RS232C or Rs485 — RS232C
Operating temp. range 0 to 50°C
Communication protocol

HARTTM protocol

Communication terminal resistance Load resistance min. 250
Functions * Parameter reading, setting, and storing
* Output monitoring
* Analog output adjusting
* Loop testing
* Reviewing self diagnosis messages

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