Quality Control Instruments

High accuracy online measurement: DENSITY METER (for liquid or gas)

      We manufacture OVAL DENSITOMETER for gas service and OVAL CORIOLIS DENSITY METER for liquid service. Each enables accurate online density measurement. Applications include calorific and density control of fuel gas, serving as a gas leak detector, and quality control in the food industry.

Specification (For Gas)

Materials Body: SUS316
Oscillation Spool: Ni-Span-C (standard)
FV520B (special)
Measurement range 0 to 60kg/m3/h
Operating temp. range - 20 to + 75°C (standard)
- 20 to + 200°C (special)
Max. operating pressure 9.81MPa
Accuracy ± 0.1% ± 0.005kg/m3 of measurement range

Specification (For Liquid)

Materials Wetted parts: SUS316L, Hastelloy-C
Measurement range 0 to 2g/mL
Operating temp. range - 200 to + 200°C
Max. operating pressure 10MPa

0.001g/mL (ULTRAmass)

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