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Indication of hydraulic cylinder position:POSTION INDICATOR

      A position indicator connects to the hydraulic circuit of a hydraulic cylinder and accurately monitors the position of its piston by the displaced quantity of hydraulic fluid. Built in a design similar to the OVAL flowmeter, it is a robust position sensor for a hydraulic cylinder. Applications include centralized monitoring and control of a multitude of hydraulic loading valves in a tanker, and on/off monitoring of a water gate.



Sensing shifting position in a hydraulic cylinder, 0.05 to 140L in volume.

Nominal size Ø6 toΦ20 (Rc 3/8 to Rc 3/4)
Flow range 5 to 480L/h……0.15 to 6m3/h
Operating temp. range - 10 to + 80°C
Max. operating pressure 13.73MPa
20.58MPa (high pressure service)
Indicated accuracy 0 to + 3%
Others Microswitch and potentiometer can be mounted.

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