Coriolis Flowmeter

Versatile and inexpensive: VRmass

       Using two rainbow-shape flow tubes as the sensor, it appeals to the design engineer advantages of self drainage, ease of cleaning, compact in size yet stable performance. Besides general liquids, foods, and chemicals, this user-friendly Coriolis flowmeter accepts slurries, too. Backed by OVAL’s accumulated sensing technology combined with the latest electronic know-how, it offers a high price/performance ratio and precise mass flowmetering in a broad range of industrial and laboratory applications.


Model CV006 CV010 CV015 CV025 CV050
Nominal size 10mm or 1/2” 15mm or 1/2” 15mm or 1/2” 25mm or 1” 40mm or
50mm or 2”
Flow range 0.4 to 20kg/min……..32 to 1600kg/min.
Material Wetted parts SUS316L
Case SUS304
Connection std. JIS 10, 20, 30K, ANSI / JPI 150, 300 RF, ferrule joint
Applicable fluid Liquid
Density range 0.3 to 2.0g/mL
Temp. range Conf. rating Integral type: - 25 to + 125°C, separate type: - 40 to + 125°C
Exproof rating - 20 to + 125°C
Max. operating pressure Max. 7.9MPa at ambient temp., depending on process connection pressure/temp. ratings
Accuracy Factory calibration accuracy: ± 0.4% ± zero stability error
Flow direction Forward flow only
Explosionproof According to transmitter specifications

Applicable Fluid:


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